What be this tawdry publickation?

Ye Olde Tyme News doth provide medieval fantasy satire news to the many peoples and creatures of the Realm.

We publish the Kingdom’s breaking news on lowly peasants and highborn princes, on dark magick and merry fellowships. We publish tales of quests, of glorious battles, of mythical creatures, and more! Our publickation offers advyce on how to live thy best lyfe in our modern world of serfdom, knights, dragons and plague.

The main types of content thou can expect are

  1. Satire news articles and advyce columns

  2. Short stories

  3. Cartoons and other miscellanea

  4. Actual history articles, typically about the Middle Ages, although by no means limited to that fyne period (henceforth referred to as “Addenda”).

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Firstly, ‘tis required by Royal Decree.

Secondly, ‘tis a wondrous way to support an independent jester-scribe, gather a few laughs, and mayhaps even learn something in the process. With rare exception, all posts are available for free (All of thy belongings already be the rightful property of The King, so He hath no reason to charge thee further).

However, if thou dost wish to support this humble scrivener, please consider becoming a paid subscriber.

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Whoso Scriveneth?

This esteemed satire publickation be the creation of a lone but valiant scribe by the name of Jan Lionsnest, who serves as Ye Royal Scrivener of Letters to The King. Ye Royal Scrivener of Letters is unfortunately cursed with the burden of a “day jobbe,” and he writes these articles for fun whilst he’s not plowing the fields. If our publickation frequency seems inconsistent, this is the reason, though we try to publish a new story two or three tymes per week.

Many of the Kingdom’s literate lords and ladies hath also seen fit to publish in these vaunted pages. If thou thinkest thy scrivenings are of such a quality as to appear in Ye Olde Tyme News, see our Submissions page.

Finally, the best way to support Ye Olde Tyme News is to share it far and wide and tell thy friends to subscribe. We beseech thee to do so. Long Live The King!

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