So thou art a learnéd scribe who wishes thy letters to appear on The King’s pages? Moste wondrous!

Ye Royal Scrivener of Letters very much enjoys publishing submissions from his fellow scribes. Simply:

  1. Email at least 3 headline ideas in the body of the email to

  2. Include:

    • Name (or pen name) and medieval jobbe title (e.g., Throne Buffer Cuthbert Thronebuffer)

    • Instagram and Twitter handles (if thou desires to be tagged)

    • A 1-2 line bio. Thou may include a link to thy website/portfolio

    • Whither thou desires to write the full articles or submit only the headlines

If we decide thine ideas are of a quality to appear on these pages, we shall let thee know and work with thee to make that happen. Either way, one can expect to hear back from Ye Royal Scrivener of Letters within a fortnight.

His Majesty takes pleasure in helping up-and-coming scribes get published in His Name, and we shall credit thee appropriately. If thou wouldst like to submit headlines but thou art too slothful to write full articles, this be fyne as well. Simply lettest us know, and we shall write the accompanying articles but shall still give thee credit for the headlines.

But be thee warned: His Majesty’s Voice ist highly specifick, and as such we rarely accept an article or headline “as is.” Howe’er, we shall work with thee to refine thy ideas so they may best fit the voice of the site. Whilst we cannot offer pay for thy toils at this tyme, wehopes that in the future this may be a possibility.