Housing Market Trends to Watch for Even Though All Land Is Hereditary and Thou Already Owns Like 20 Castles

Always room for one more!

Many lords and ladies in our age complain that the Feudal Dream of yore ist dead. No longer can nobles rely upon a wealthy Baron uncle to bequeath upon them numerous estates and fertile lands to accompany their already prodigious demesne.

Some fear that what’s left of the great castles of the Realm hath already been bequeathed or otherwise ravaged by war and blight.

But all hope ist not lost for the cunning knight who desires to add taxable pastureland and strategically located fortifications to their fiefdom. Here be some trends in the housing market to watch for, even though all land is hereditary and thou already owns upwards of, like, twenty castles.

Conquest Is Still a Viable Option

Given the cost of modern siege engines and skilled horsemen, some lords worry that ‘tis too expensive to levy an army and invade a neighbouring fief. But one wouldst be surprised to hear that the cost of war hath held steady in recent months. There also be many fiefs yet whose lords hath run afoul of The King, and He will often provide subsidies and even troops to help thee bring them to heel.

The Percentage of Castles Currently Under Siege Is Declining

“Since the plague began racking the Kingdom, many armies hath been forced to break their sieges and return home,” sayeth real estate magnate Joost’n Llanddowner. “This leaves plenty of walled cities ripe for besiegement if thou hast the grit and cheap expendable manpower to do so.”

Fields Aplenty in the Outlands

Better yet, an adventurous knight can take his conquests to the hinterlands beyond the Kingdom’s borders and acquire new territories in the Name of The King. The presence of barbarian hordes and the near certainty of death hath driven down costs in most uncharted areas, making them perfect for the bold and fearless young paladin who is too young and/or stupid to know better. Just remember to entrust thy current landholdings to The Crowne in case thou never returns!

Intrigue and Sabotage on the Rise

Whilst intrigue, subterfuge, and other underhanded tactics are often considered less than honourable means for a noble to employ, their use hath seen a steady increase of late. And who really cares so long as it gets thee more castles and arable land? One just needs to ensure all parties aware of thy sabotage are silenced or killed afterwards, lest they sully thy honour by telling others.

Stone Quarrying Costs Leveling Out

The cost of quarrying stone to build castles peaked seven months heretofore, on account of many quarry labourers dying of plague, heat, or famine, or whatever. But many fresh bodies are now returning to the sandstone quarries to cut blocks, and the price of building seems to have plateaued.

Aging Earls Ready to Bequeath

Many wealthy Earls and Dukes are reaching their netheryears. These élite fellows own many a castle, and when their tyme finally comes thou wants to find thyself on their list of heirs. Be sure to kowtow and grovel thyself before as many olde Earls as possible to ensure thou lands a coveted spot in their endowments.

Conclusion: There Ist Always Room for More Castles

So whilst ‘tis a difficult market and thou already owns more castles than thou could possibly visit in a year, ‘tis still possible to expand thy fief. We hope thou takes full advantage of these trends to acquire new lands for thyself and The King, Long May He Reign!

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