Silly Fellow Blowing Horn to Headline Grand Tournament Halftime Show

The Royal Magistrate of Tournaments and Jousts hath declared that a silly fellow blowing a horn shall once again be starring in the halftime show of this year’s Grand Tournament, much to the delight of tournament-goers.

“Mineself doth not e’en care for the jousts. I only come to see the colorful cuss bloweth his fanfare at midquarters,” sayeth Lord Swœçon, a longtyme fan of the hornblower. “His mighty bellows hath the crowd rearing from their seats to dance e’ery tyme!”

Looys Hoornbloewer cometh from a long line of Royal Hornblowers, whose family duty for generations hath been to blow at the Kingdom’s grandest tournaments. Hoornbloewer himself hath now performed at the Grand Tournament se’en years running.

Many in the Realm hath complained that Hoornbloewer’s near monopoly on the Grand Tournament halftime show doth not give other up-and-coming hornmen an opportunity to strut their talents on ye bigge stage. But tournament officials sayeth ‘tis merely a matter of pleasing the fans and The King.

“The simple fact is that The King prefers his wild fanfare and garish outfits o’er those of other hornmen,” sayeth the Royal Magistrate of Tournaments and Jousts, Rundhar Horseswashing. “And if The King prefers it, by extension ‘tis what the people prefer as well.”

If thou art not wealthy enough to afforde a ticket to the Grand Tournament, poketh thine head out thy window at Vespers (if thou can afforde a window) to hear Hoornbloewer perform.