Real Original: This Wizard Just Wore His Regular Wizard Clothes to the LARP Festival

E’ery autumn, subjects from ‘round the Realm celebrate the days of yore by donning elaborate costumes and attending fantasy faires. An attendee at such an event may seest modern knights dressed in armour from a bygone age, ladies outfitted as seductive dragon half-breeds, or peasants dressed as even poorer and more miserable versions of themselves (because let’s be honest ‘twas just meant to be that way).

But some faire-goers simply lack creativity. One example is the wizard Igalmandor, whomst just wore his regular wizard clothes to his local live action role-playing festival.

Seriously?! E’eryone there put in so much effort to craft their costumes, and this guy just shows up in his typical flowing wizard robes and big pointy hat, using the same wizard staff to cast the same olde spells he does every day. Wherefore ist his sense of wonder?

One wouldst at least expect him to dress as an Iron Age necromancer or a sorcerer from the Age of Dragons, but nay. He just showed up as a plain olde modern day spellcaster.

“It really sucks the fun out of the event for those of us who put tyme and effort into our costumes,” sayeth dwarf Grumfried Karnocks, whomst dressed as an ancient dwarven dragonslayer. “I had to go on like six quests over the course of a decade just to get enough dragon teeth for my necklace.”

So if thou art a LARPing wizard whomst ist attending a faire, be sure to put some effort into thine outfit!

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