If Thou Hast Been Cursed by Helga the Wicked Thou May Be Entitled to Financial Compensation

By Camden Brazile, Royal Taster

Hast thou or a kinsman been cursed, damned, transmuted, or sacrificed by the village enchantress Helga the Wicked? If soe, speakest wyth thy health care provider posthaste! 

Helga the Wicked hath been sliced in twain for her sins, and God hath proclaimed directly to the Kingdom that her herbs, gems, and familiars hath been forfeit. Shouldest thou be of stout heart and iron will, thine lawy’r may beeth able to bestow thy clan with a spruce chicken or pheasant from Helga’s domain. Manie a silver groat awaits thee if thou callest today!

Camden Brazile hath scrivened several satire articles, is a student of the schoolhouse of the journalisms, and ist the Lyfe and Lacrosse coach for Jared of the House of Leto.