Travel Restrictions Eased for the Five People Aware That There’s Something Beyond that Hillock and That Travel Is a Thing

As plague cases diminish amongst the Kingdom’s subjects, the Royal Highwayman hath announced that travel restrictions shall be eased for the five or so people in each village who are learnéd enough to know that there’s something beyond that hillock and that travel is a thing which exists.

“We expect that this reopening of travel betwixt villages shall offer a return to normalcy for the few people who are wealthy enough to afford horses to undertake said travel and who are worldly enough to know that travelling is a thing which people can do,” sayeth Royal Highwayman Culvert Boothvayne. “For the rest of ye, just get back to work and keep thinking ‘tis all dragons and monsters outside thy village, or whatever.”

Indeed, surveys showe that less than ten percent of the Kingdom’s peasants had e’er e’en tried to climb the hillock on the edge of their village to see if there was something on the other side. And the majority of those that did were blinded for the cryme of knowing things whilst being a peasant.

“Aye, me had a kinsman once who chanced to peer beyond the hillock,” sayeth Gerry O’Radish, a peasant from the village of Sneadsbottom. “But before he could cometh back and tell us what he saw, he was shot throughst the eyes by two arrows. Serves him right for trying to know things, methinks.”

Whilst travel hath remained open during the plague for essential purposes such as war, preparing for war, and levying troops for war, travel for leisurely activities like looting and pillaging hath largely been restricted to The Royal Family.

“Mineself is so glad my minions and I can start plundering the surrounding villages again like the olde dayes,” sayeth nobleman Sir Drak Olik. “We never really stopped, but I’m glad we can do it openly now.”