Traffick Somehow Jammed Even Though Only Like Five People In Village Can Afford A Horse

THE VILLAGE OF WORTSHOBY SPYRE — Local sources hath reported that traffick on the road on this very morn wast rather congested despite the fact that only like five people in the entire village are wealthy enough to own a horse.

“I had just departed on my morning canter to inspect the pastures when I ran into a total logjam five horse deep,” sayeth Sir Janose Langstonne, who owns three horse and a small carriage. “If we had a means of telling tyme other than by a rough measure of the sun’s location in the sky, then I certainly would have been late.”

The turnipmonger Bogumił had overturned his turnip cart on the towne’s only road, blocking passage for nigh on an hour and ruining many turnips in the process.

“Somehow Bogumił always manages to flip over his confounded turnip cart and ruin mine morning commute,” sayeth Merchant Hunfred, who wast also stuck in the bottleneck. “This morning he madeth me so late for plying my wares in the village square that I didn’t even have tyme to flog him for his insolence.”

Many of Wortshoby Spyre’s five horse owners hath petitioned the local magistrate to widen the current road to accommodate its dense horse and cart traffick. Some hath even called for the building of a second road.

“Sure, there be only five of us who can afforde horses, but there’s only one road in towne and ‘twas built for three horses at most,” sayeth Sir Janose. “It seemeth that all five of us be always trying to travel at precisely the same tyme. Add to that peasants with their turnip carts, highway robbers, and the occasional plague body that died whilst going for a saunter and thou hast constant gridlock.”