Top Excuses for Calling Out of Wizard Work So Thou Can Smoketh the Magick Merryberry Leaf

So the famed holiday for puffing the phumes of the magick merryberry leafe is upon us, but thy Headmaster at work us trying to make thee come into the office to cast spells? Here be some fyne excuses for calling out of wizard work so thou can puffeth from the comfort of thine own lair.

  1. “I was charging my magick.” Obviously charging magick be not a real thing, but thy boss doth not necessarily know that.

  2. A warlock didst curse me.” Clarify to thy manager that ‘tis just a temporary curse, the kind of which only causes thee to miss one day of work, and maybe come in an hour late tomorrow.

  3. I am partaking in a grand adventure.” ‘Tis quite true, for thou art embarking on an adventure of the mind.

  4. My wizard staff didst have mechanical issues and I had to bring it into the shoppe.” These things doth happen.

  5. “‘Twas foretold by the All-seeing Eye that I should miss work today.” One wouldst not want to forsake destiny!

  6. Exmemorium Obliviorium!” ‘Tis a forgetfulness charm, so if all else faileth just mutter this to thy boss on the morrow and he shall forget thou didst miss work today.