So They Gave That Promotion to a Donkey Again

Such Ist Lyfe in the Peasant Jobbe Market

Disappointing it can oft be when thou hast been toiling hard as a peasant thine entire lyfe, but thou just can’t seem to move up the hierarchical social ladder. It seems thy lord ist always promoting oxen, donkeys, and other livestock to managerial positions, e’en though ‘tis thee that does all of the most backbreaking work.

Thou art not the only peasant on thy fief to experience this sort of setback. Whilst watching thy fellow draft animals get promoted can be frustrating, ‘tis important to remember that thou serves an important role in thy lord’s agricultural profits, and any change to thy social status would upset the proper order of things.

Here be somme ways to cope when thy feudal lord gave that promotion thou wast hoping for to a donkey again.

Look Within Thyself

If thou finds that thine equestrian colleagues are being promoted ahead of thee, perhaps the problem lies within thyself. Takest an objective look at thine own potential for being something other than a peasant and realize that ‘tis legally not allowed.

Don’t Approach Thy Fief Manager

Bickering, complaining, venting, or otherwyse talking to someone of higher status than thee is prohibited, and shall be punished severely. Anywise, if thou art in this situation in the first place then thy manager is probably a goat or asse, and we all know how ornery they can be!

Pay Fealty to Thy Lord and Shutteth Up

Honestly ‘tis offensive that thou wouldst e’en question thy lord’s promotion decisions enough to read this article. Hush thy callow tongue and gettest back to work.


Not the preferred solution, but ‘tis nice to spice things up once in a while. And crushing a peasant rebellion e’ery now and again helps keep the Royal Guard sharp.