Peasant Applies For Job As If Social Mobility Is Thing That Exists

What a Lumpheaded Knave!

What ho! Sources sayeth that a mere peasant by the name of Longris Burdocksonne hath applied for a new jobbe as if social mobility were an actual thing that exists.

What a lumpheaded knave!

If Burdocksonne kneweth anything he wouldst have known that he hath no option but to toil the fields for lyfe. For Fate hath assigned his ancestors as well as his progeny to their lowly status, and to challenge Fate and the Proper Order of Things wouldst be a cryme moste grave.

“The King in all His Wisdom hath decreed that the status to which thou art borne is the status to which thou shalt remain. This is for the benefit of the Kingdom’s economie and all of its subjects,” sayeth Royal Economist Meethal Pickelgräber. “What beeth verily concerning is that someone had the audacity to advertise a jobbe to peasants in the first place.”

Suffice to say, Burdocksonne shall not beeth obtaining any interviews or jobbe offers anytyme soon. But if thou art reading this, then worry not! For that indicates thou art of the educated classes and, so longe as thou remains in the goode graces of The King, there thou shalt remain.