Last Minute Halloween Costumes That Say "We've Been Running Low On Twine Ever Since The Barbarian Invasion"

So thou waited until the last minute to getteth a Halloween costume again?

It doth happen. Many of us are too busy working the fields or waging War in His Majesty’s Name and we hath not the tyme for such things. Others hath been running extremely low on textiles and clothes-making materials ever since the the invading barbarians ransacked our villages and burned all that they couldn’t take.

But fear not, for we hath thee covered! Herein be some last minute Halloween costume ideas that say “we’ve been running low on twine ever since the barbarian invasion.” No twine required!


One might be surprised how many haystacks are still intact after the most recent pillaging. If thou finds thyself huddled in terror behind a haystack as the savage brutes ransack thy farmstead, well, ‘tis a fyne costume right there!

Guy Standing Next to a Goat

Sometymes the the invasion doth take everything from thee except for a single goat. But don’t let this deter thee from celebrating Halloween. Simply dress up as a guy in his regular clothes standing next to a goat.

Family Weeping Beside the Smouldering Remains of Their Hovel

For a simple and fun family costume idea, have all survivors of the last raid stand around the smouldering remains of thy hovel weeping. And let’s face it, this ist going to happen anyway if anyone survives.


If thou art of fighting age (ages 3 - death) then a soldier in the Royal Army might be thy best costume option. Alack, ‘tis not really an option because a general levy hath been called to fight off the barbarians’ next attack, so report to thy local levy office for muster immediately.

Plague Victim

Thou already hast the plague anyway, so thou might as well make a costume out of it!

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