How to Avoid Overeating During the Holidays by Transforming into an Ethereal Forest Sprite

It works!

Watching what one eats during the holidays can beeth tough, especially if thou art a wealthy noble, because feasting lavishly in front of thy hungry servants is great fun. But ‘tis important not to eat so much that thy favourite trousers and silken robes no longer fit thee come the new year.

Luckily, there be many easy solutions, all of which involve turning into a supernatural being and floating away into the trees. Herein lie some tips on how to avoid overeating during the holiday season by transforming into an ethereal forest sprite.

Make it a Habit

The most important thing one can do to avoid overeating is to make a habit of morphing into a mystical wood sprite. Every tyme thy belly becomes too full in its human state, this should be a signal that ‘tis tyme to eliminate thy corporeal form and start getting thy mist on.


‘Tis much easier to transubstantiate if thou art well-hydrated. Drink plenty of water to ensure thou can transform into a sprite prior to dessert.

Dine Amongst Other Forest Sprites

The sprite-transformation habits of thy dining mates heavily influence thine own mutation choices. Choosing to eat amongst friends that also turn into translucent wisps of faerie dust to avoid overeating will help thee do the same.

Only Feast Near the Magickal Spring in the Forest

The last thing thou wants is to try to transform into a water sprite only to find thou hast run out of magick. Always feast near the enchanted spring in the forest to ensure thou can recharge thy magick before thy sweet tooth strikes.

Take a Glide Through the Boughs

Metaphysical activity is an effective way to get thy mind off of foode. Take a break between helpings to go for an angelic flutter throughst the forest boughs. When thou eventually returns to human form thou wilt feel light and refreshed from thy spiritual journey.

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