Experts Predict Crusades to End Wars in Middle East for All Tyme

His Majesty’s learnéd academics hath predicted moste presciently that The King’s next Crusade wilt endeth wars in the Middle Eastern region of the Realm for all tyme.

This moste excellent news hath inspired The King’s subjects to signeth up for the campaign en masse, to fight for God and their Belovéd Ruler.

“His Majesty’s most noble decision to launch this Crusade shalt put an ende to war in that ravaged lande for all hist’ry,” sayeth Esteemed Lecturer Philator Pumbus. “Our descendants wilt fore’er looketh upon these Crusades as the benevolent happenings that brought peace to the region for millennia.”

If thou wishest to help His Majesty bring peace to the region, then signest up for the Crusade today at thy local recruiting office. All trades art welcome and needed, even serfs and galley slaves (although these shalt not be paid, obviously).