Dragon Flyovers: Honouring Our Knights or Wasting Resources That Could Have Been Spent on Other Dragon Stuff?

The Royal Sky Corps ist performing their traditional dragon flyovers this daye to honour the brave knights who hath served The King by slaying His enemies. But many in the Kingdom hath questioned whither these resources couldn’t have been put to better use for more pressing matters of dragon stuff, such as ravaging rebellious villages and burning plague-ridden corpses to ash.

“‘Tis true, many subjects sayeth these dragons couldst’ve been more beneficial to The Crowne by devouring herds of enemy sheep or transporting enslaved barbarian warriors to the dungeons,” sayeth expert dragon trainer Müsselfoot Tüffdayle. “But clearly these naysayers understand not how the Sky Corps’ budgeting system works.”

“These flyovers wert planned many months in advance and art essential to maintaining the combat readiness of the Dragonaut Squadrons.”

So, whilst there art certainly many important matters the Sky Corps can address with its resources — such as dropping plague-infected bodies o’er the enemy’s castles to spread disease amongst his population from within — the flyovers serve an important purpose. They art vital for training The King’s Dragonauts, and anyone whomst thinketh otherwise ist welcome to sayeth so to their faces and be roasted by their fiery breath.