Doth Any Of Ye Fyne Fellows Minde If I Bum A Mouse?

G’day, my fellow gentlemen. I couldn’t help but notice thou wert partaking, as I, in various gentlemanly endeavours at the moment, and I thought I might inquire as to whether one might be able to bum a mouse off thee.

Surely, as an adult human, I partake not in mice so much as I used to. One might call it more of a guilty pleasure. But seeing the group of thee gathered hereabouts as men like us are wont to do, I figured it couldn’t hurt but to ask.

Some among us fancy it inconsiderate these days to ask a stranger for a mouse, let alone to partake of mice in publick. Call me olde school perhaps, but methinks it well within the nature of man to share a mouse with his brother, so fault me not for my forthrightfullness.

So what say thee? Wilt thou be so magnanimous as to lend a mouse to thy fellow man so I might enjoy this moment among thee? I swear, I shall get thee back at some future point.