Medieval fantasy satire. Published fortnightly.

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Welcome one and all to Ye Olde Tyme News, the Kingdom's moste esteemed source for medieval and fantasy satire news! In these prestigious pages, His Majesty’s Royal Scrivener of Letters shall bring thee jocular stories from ‘round the Realm.

Ye Olde Tyme News began on the Instantaneous Graham, publishing short news stories which sing The King’s praises whilst discrediting His despicable enemies. But the IG be not the ideal place for longer musings. His Majesty’s Will is to use the newsletter herein to publish long form and experimental content, such as short stories, special investigations, an advice column, and mayhaps e’en things ne’er before seen by mere mortal eyes. The newsletter be a supplement to, and not a replacement for, His Majesty’s other forms of glorious media.

For some examples of the types of stories one can find within these illustrious pages, feast thine eyes (if thou hast eyes and knowest how to read) upon:

The newsletter shall be sent to subscribers on a fortnightly basis and shall contain a feature story, as well as a roundup of content from the previous halfmonth. And goode news for peasants: it beeth free of charge (since thou art already paying taxes to The King anyway)!

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