Catch The Royal Speedhogge And Win A Free Chance To Be Mauled To Death For Interrupting The Sacred Hogge Dash

Dost thou thinkest thou art fleet of foote and possess the celerity with which to catch the Royal Speedhogge? Well puttest thy swiftness to trial, for His Majesty is now allowing sprintsters to test their mettle ag'inst His Hoggeness.

If thy legs doth prove to carry thee at such great pace that thou catches the Great Swiftly Boar, then thou wilt win a free and compulsory opportunity to be mauled to death, for the Speedhogge doth not lyke to be interrupted during his Sacred Hogge Dash.

So if thou believest thy feet can carry thee lyke the winde, comest thee out to the Royal Hoggetrack. His Majesty ist seeking entertainment and the Speedhogge ist hungry for flesh!

Speedhogge fly!