Black Death Tips: How to Take Advantage of Shorter Lines at the Blacksmith

Needeth a shield to fight in The King's wars? Desireth a sword with which to slay His Majesty's enemies?

The Black Death hath kilt most of the population and now beeth the perfect tyme to beat the lines at thy local blacksmith. His Royal Highness recommends the following tippes this shopping season.

  1. Preorder by signing up for The King's Crusade. Any subjects who enlist in The King's Army shall receive priority smithing and shall useth the Express Line. The King is truly generous to His subjects!

  2. Bringeth a wheelbarrow. Helpeth His Majesty clean up the corpse-riddled streets by bringing a wheelbarrow with thee whenever thou art out of doors. If thou becomest infected whilst removing plagued corpses, worry not! The King wilt reward thine efforts in the afterlyfe!

  3. Donate thine extra money to the Crusade. Too olde to fight, but still want to support thy Ruler's glorious war? Donate thy lyfe savings to the war effort! Don't have any money because thou art a lowly serf? Fear not! The King wilt gladly accept all of thy children who art of fighting age (nine years or older).

God saveth The King!