4 Tymes Easter Eggs Didst Turn Out to Be Dragon Eggs and a Whole Lot of People Didst Die

The Holy Day of Easter draweth nigh, and ‘tis a tyme for the Kingdom’s younglings to hunteth for Easter eggs. But every now and again, a curious child doth wander off into a dragon’s lair looking for eggs, causing much agony for their fellow egghunters. For we all knoweth how defensive dragons canst be about their precious eggs! Here art 4 classic occasions whence someone didst think a dragon’s egg wast an Easter egg and the dragon didst kill lots of people as retribution.

The Great Easter Bloodbath of ‘75

One of the first instances of Easter egghunt carnage in recorded hist’ry, the Great Green Dragonness of Mount Misery didst burn down many a village looking for her egg.

The Burning of the Barbarians

In a most cunning strategem, The King didst host an Easter egg hunt for His enemies under the guise of a Holy Truce, and He didst hide many a dragon egg in the searching fields. Classic!

The Massacre of South Peasanton

The King gaveth a dragon’s egg as an Easter gift to the people of South Peasanton, and it didst not turn out well for them. Serves them right for being poor!

The Scorching of Dumblederry

The King actually burnt this village down and it had nothing to do with dragons. But it did happen on Easter, so ‘tis sort of relevant here.